Work with Lori

Making your dream income still a dream? I’ll show you how to create the reality.

YOU + ME + supportive and accountable community = increase in revenue; decrease in workload.

My promise to you

In one year, you and I take your business from dream to lucrative reality.

An uplifting and supportive community of entrepreneurs just like you

1:1 and/or Group Support with local & national networking

1:1 coaching and implementation support

Simple to implement training every 30 days

Live training customized to your business

Accountability and action plans

No unfinished modules

Monthly Masterminds

Investing seriously in your business and your own personal success is a simple act that creates a disproportionately powerful mindset shift! You become a serious entrepreneur whose impact is significant and who leaves a legacy!

Live.  Local.  Lucrative.

Each month you will learn in-depth new Business Building skills. Each module is especially designed to empower and educate you with essential entrepreneurial know-how.

You will report back on your accomplishments, breakthroughs, and upcoming focus items. This part of the programming is intentionally designed to keep you inspired and taking constant action. (3 Hours, Live, Local)

Work with me if you are:

A Diamond

You’ve been struggling with earning a predictable profit for far too long.

You’re motivated and determined to make the next year a complete success.

You are currently earning less than $200k (possibly have not yet broken the $100k barrier)

You’ve had some success, but not enough to support the life of your dreams.

You have some idea of your ideal client and what problem you are solving for them.

You are passionate about what you do and need to get that message out there in a bigger way!

You’re ready to have a coach help you every step of the way to actually see the results you’ve been dreaming of!

You’re all in and committed to having a business you can be proud of!

I shine like a diamond; let me in!

A Silver Star

You’re motivated and determined to make the next year a complete success.

A six-figure year seems almost out of reach (but you know it’s possible!)

You struggle to find your first 100 clients

You’re a quick learner, talented entrepreneur and all- around go-getter in other areas of your life, but your business is draining you emotionally and financially.

You’ve been burned before, spent tons on courses and DIY templates. Now you’re ready to stop watching everyone else sparkle and start putting your own talents in the spotlight.

Your passion levels are off the charts, you’re a brilliantly creative woman, but the part about running a business like a CEO? Let’s talk about that.

You know you have what it takes; you just need someone who knows what to do and who has a proven easy to follow method to get you to your goals.

Let’s talk about this! Schedule a time to chat

This is not for you if:


You want a “Done For You” program (I can’t do the sit-ups for you!)

You want to get rich quick (there are no shortcuts!)

You don’t like humans or can’t talk like one (you want money, people have money, must serve people)

You’re allergic to money (money is not evil!)

You hate growth but love the comfort zone (insert “I have a case of the Monday’s” joke here)

You love buying online programs that you never finish or implement (your secret is safe with me)

If your success story ends like Stephen King novel (this will not end well)

I just want the freebie!

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Let me in! I want to make more money doing what I love!