How Your Money Mindset is Killing Your Business

How Your Money Mindset is Killing Your Business


How Your Money Mindset is Killing Your Business



Have you ever thought that it’s hard to make money?

What about feeling guilty for charging higher prices for your work?

Or have you ever thought that if you did raise your prices, you’d never find more clients?

Unfortunately, we’ve all thought something along those lines at one point or another.

But the good news is this – that negative money mindset is a false one. And we can change it.

So, let’s show you just how to do that – so that you can enjoy your business, you can make money, and you can see the positive, lasting impact you can leave on the world.




Start by Recognizing That Harmful Money Mindset

The first thing we need to do is recognize a harmful money mindset when it happens. Here are some of the most common ones I’ve encountered (and I’ve encountered them a lot, because they’re so common):

  • It’s hard to make money.
  • People don’t want to pay for my services.
  • People are just looking for the cheapest deal they can find.
  • I feel guilty charging higher prices.
  • If I raise my prices, I will never find any clients.
  • It’s not really about the money.

These aren’t just negative money mindsets. They’re money blocks. They’re thoughts that are actively killing your business. So, let’s make sure that your business doesn’t devolve into an expensive hobby – by adjusting your mindset just a bit.


Stop the Negative, Untrue Statements with Facts

While each of those negative thoughts hits each one of us, it’s important to take a step back and evaluate them. In other words, let’s look at the data.

  • Is it actually hard for you to make money? Or is it just a rough day?
  • Are clients paying you for your services?
  • Do you really believe people are only looking for the cheapest deal? Or are they looking for customer service and that personal touch, too?
  • What do your clients have to say about the value you bring to them?
  • Really? Be cautious with the word “never.”
  • It’s okay to make money – because then you can help more people!

Do you see the slight adjustment we’re making here? Instead of falling victim to those awful yet common negative thoughts, we’re fighting them with facts and data! That way, you’re seeing the true, intrinsic worth that your business has to offer people.

And, in fact, I’ve got one more exercise for you to really help this sink in so that your money mindset shifts completely.


Ditch the Guilt, Change Your Money Mindset, and See What You’re Actually Doing

One of the most valuable exercises you can do is to become a story collector. Ask your current (or past) clients this important question:

”I really want to find more clients just like you. I love what’s happened since we’ve worked together.

Can you share your story, and what brought you the most value?”

This is more than just collecting testimonials – although you’re doing that, too! It’s helping you to see the value you’re bringing to your clients.

Because that way you’ve got the hard facts and data you need to keep yourself motivated, enthused, and seeing how your unique insights are helping the world. It’s how you’re going to be able to do bigger and better things in the world.


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Posted by Lori Hildebrand on Tuesday, October 2, 2018