How a Second Opinion Changes Your Perspective and Business

How a Second Opinion Changes Your Perspective and Business

Picture this all-too familiar scene: you’re driving in your car and you notice a blinking light on your dash. One of those wonderful check-something lights comes on. And, since those lights always manage to come on at the most inconvenient times, you’re also developing a knot in your stomach. And on top of that, sometimes dealing with car issues can be stressful. Especially when you know you ought to get a second opinion (or three or four), but you’re worried about time, finances, and current obligations.

Even so, let’s adjust that mindset so that you are able to handle these everyday situations with ease – whether at home or at work.

Take Control of the Situation and Get a Second Opinion

The above scenario is one that happens to each of us regularly. Recently, when I had a “check tire” light come on, I dutifully drove it in to a local tire shop to get things checked out. I expected this to be a pretty quick visit to re-inflate the tires, double check the tread, and be sent on my way. However, the technicians advised me that one tire heavily damaged and that should I hit a curb it was likely to explode. They advised immediate replacement of all four tires.

Only a few years ago, this scenario would have left me in tears, scrambling to adjust funds, and trying to figure out which credit card I should use. Thankfully, this wasn’t a few years ago. Instead, I took my boyfriend’s advice and got a second opinion from his tire shop. The first shop was fine; but this second shop was a far better experience, value, and overall warranty. Guess which shop I picked? That’s right – I bought tires from the second.

The difference I’ve learned, over the years, is that pausing to get a second opinion isn’t a hassle or a “problem”. It’s part of the problem-solving process. Because when you go get that second opinion, it allows you to take control of your situation.

Compare your Options to Choose the Best One for You

Once you’ve obtained that second opinion, now you’ve got choices.

Well, to be fair, you have several choices before you got that second opinion – even if you didn’t realize it! With my tires, for example, at the first shop I could choose to buy from that shop, or I could go elsewhere. Thankfully, my car was still drivable. If it hadn’t been, towing it elsewhere or making calls to other shops would have been viable options.

But after I visited the second shop, I had two quotes to work with. From there, I could evaluate the quality of the tires being purchased, the warranties on them, and the final price.

Realizing that those choices exist, though, is a huge step towards adjusting your mentality – both in life and in business.

Your Mentality is Everything in Business and in Life

Now, how was this paradigm or mentality shift possible?

The first step is realizing that it can happen!

The second part of it is being prepared. Remember how I mentioned that years ago this exact scenario would have given me a panic attack? That’s because I lacked the experience and wisdom to be prepared for those things. Thankfully, though, I learned to be prepared for exactly these kinds of scenarios.

What I do now is this: I have money set aside for surprise purchases like these. And, because I’ve already got money set aside, I’m able to handle things more confidently.

In fact, here’s a little secret: because I’ve got the money set aside already, I actually use my credit card to pay for these kinds of purchases. Then, I make sure I pay them off immediately so that I’m not paying any interest or other fees. Finally, I collect airline miles off of those credit cards – airline miles that I can then use to travel. Have I mentioned how much I love traveling?

Okay, so that little secret is a great way to accumulate extra perks (like airline miles!) – but only if you’ve already got the funds to pay off your purchases. Otherwise, the interest and fees are not worth it.

Finally, once you realize that your mentality is shifting, watch how much more you’re getting out of life. Both in your personal life and in business, you’ll see more control, more options, and more success.

Do you need some help shifting your mentality so that your business thrives? Let me be your second opinion. If you’re ready to go from entrepreneur to six-figure salary, then let’s chat.


Emergency expenses and a little change of plans today!

Posted by Lori Hildebrand on Thursday, February 8, 2018

Money Love Manifesto

Money Love Manifesto

Your Life is the sum of your choices. Choose well. Stop the desire to acquire.

Tell the truth. When you are truthful about your money, miracles happen. Start where you are.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for. Life is simple. Breathe Deeply.

If something makes you smile, do more of that. If you want more money, give more value. Stop being a victim, decide to be powerful.

Say thank you. Be kind, give more. Ask questions, the curious mind grows strong.

Surround yourself with positive people.  Be your own hero. Trust your gut.

Give yourself permission to be wealthy. More money gives you more choices in life.

Clear out your space, make room for what’s really important to you.

The less you spend, the more you have. Decide what is important to you, do that every day.

Collect experiences and knowledge, not things.  Respect your money, pay attention to it.

Find more than one way to create income. Always be open to opportunity, when it knocks, open the damn door.

You are worth it. Spend with intention. Save with passion. Invest to grow.

Love your money. Love your life. Live your dreams.

#1 Money Habit to Start Today

#1 Money Habit to Start Today

Money. You love it. You hate it. You need it. You spend it. You save it. It grows, it shrinks, it flows, it spreads. Money can give you the choice to live how you choose, and it can take that choice away.  Why do we put up with all of this craziness from money?  We all have our reasons, but whatever yours is, it’s time to be done. The madness stops here. Take your control back!  Money doesn’t own you, so stop acting like it does.

This may be harsh, but you know the excuses for struggling aren’t serving you. Let’s take control and make a change rather than continuing to feel like a victim.  Whatever your circumstances are, I challenge you to take responsibility in your part, in your decisions, that brought you to this moment in time. Take ownership of your choices (good or bad), find the lesson, learn and do better from today forward.

How can you do that? I know habits are hard to break, I know nothing will change much over night.  But, the beauty of compounding doesn’t only apply to your interest payments, it also applies to your daily habits. By making small changes every day, your world will begin to change before you know it.

Habit #1 to start today?


This is the simplest (not the easiest) and by far the most helpful habit you can form to improve your financial life.

Actually look at your bank account every day. Every day.  Be proactive with your bills. Call to question or ask for a reduction on your medical bills.  Know what you are paying in interest on loans and ask about refinancing options.

Your bank or credit union will have online account access, and most will have an app for your phone, use it!  If you have accounts across several banks, try a 3rd party tracking site, like  Easy and secure to set up, then 5 minutes a day to know what your money is doing.

By simply being aware & paying attention to your money, you are showing respect and taking control of it.  Do this habit every day, watch your stress level decrease and your net worth increase. Simple!

Respect your future self and get to know your money!