The 5 Steps to Earning More Money By Doing What you Love

The 5 Steps to Earning More Money By Doing What you Love

We all want to love what we do – and to make money doing it. I have so many women who come to me and they’ve been in business and they’re trying to do just that. And the jump to changing your business from a hobby into a successful venture takes some work.

But there’s 5 simple steps that can help you get from hobby (or underpaid passion-based business) to earning more money via a financially freeing business.

Earning More Money

The Acronym That Helps You in Earning More Money

So, you’re ready to earn more money, are you? Then let’s talk about the acronym ANGEL.

Now, this will be a brief explanation about how you can use ANGEL to earn more money in your business.

If you’d like more details, I’d love you to read the full explanation (and then some!) in my chapter of “The Profitable Woman’s Playbook,” which is available on Amazon.

Even so, let’s make sure you’ve got the framework and foundation you need to start using this heavenly acronym to help you earn more money already.

A: Awareness and Acknowledgment

This is your foundation. Look at where you’re starting from. Where does your income come from? How much debt do you really have?

Most people drastically underestimate their actual debt and overestimate the amount of income they have. Especially when it comes to including the taxes they’re paying.

So be very intentional in looking at where you’re at. Maybe that means pulling statements, looking at accounts, or pulling up your last 3 months worth of financial records so you get a better idea.

Because once you know where you’re truly at, you’ll be able to have a solid foundation for success.

N: New Goals and Intentions

You need to be crystal clear on what you actually want. After all, the other option is to be at the mercy of your circumstances.

So instead of just going through the day-to-day and hoping or wishing for things to change your life or your business, let’s get our dreams and actions into alignment.

And we do that by setting crystal clear goals, broken down into step-by-step goals, so that we can use our goals to gain control.

G: Gaining Control

Talk is cheap, but doing is gold. That’s why doing will help you gain control.

Maybe it will come in the form of reaching out to an accountability partner. Sometimes having a partner you can check in with on a daily basis will help you stick to the action plan you laid out in your goals – so that you can actually accomplish them.

Or perhaps it’ll come in the form of hiring a coach who has your back and helps you move forward through the process. Someone who will help you create systems so you can keep and maintain your goals.

Either way, set out actionable steps for yourself to achieve on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. Then, hold yourself to those goals!

It’s all about finding how you change habits – upgrading or replacing poor habits with better performing habits. That way, you reach your goals and make all that money you want to make!

E: Empower and Engage

Now, this is something that is really difficult for most people. After all, it’s easier to fall into our normal daily habits and routines. Especially when life and crazy things happen!

But if you’re empowered, you’re really getting to the heart of what gets you excited. And that excitement will help you become more empowered, action-oriented, and engage your audience.

One important aspect of being empowered is that you’ve really got know your numbers. What does that mean? It means that you’ve got to know where your audience is and who you’re talking to. It means knowing your services and products. Also, it means knowing who they’re for – and who they aren’t for. And finally, it means to quit using up all of your energy chasing everything (and catching next to nothing) so that you can attract the ideal clients with ease.

Because if you’re in the right place, at the right time, talking to the right people, you’re going to be a strategic way to help you make a bigger impact and see bigger financial results.

It’s getting rid of the idea of throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks. You’ll be using methodology and data to bring you peace, self-control, and results.

L: Live Your Legacy

Perhaps your dream is to travel or open a franchise. But whatever your dream is, it will always be a dream unless you do something about it!

So when it comes to living your legacy, it means what you’re doing now. It’s choosing the life you want, prioritizing how and what you’ll accomplish each day, and choosing how you’ll show up in the world.

Because if you keep telling yourself “one day…”, well, that day will never happen.

So get laser-focused on what your life goals are. Ask yourself what you want.

How much money do you need to support that lifestyle? Do you want to contribute to charities more? Do you want to travel the world? Do you want to not be restless at night, stressing about how you’ll pay upcoming bills?

Do you want to be comfortable? What does that mean? Do you want to help family members? What do you want to do?

You need to decide what to do with your life – and how money will support it. Money is a fact of life: we need it to support our lives and our businesses. It’s not evil or bad – it’s just a tool.

So choose what you want and let’s create a plan to support that. That way, you’ll be doing what you love, earning loads more money, and living the life others only ever dream of.

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