How to Be a Financially Savvy Gift Giver this Holiday Season

How to Be a Financially Savvy Gift Giver this Holiday Season

Don’t you just love the cooler, crisper air of fall? I sure do! And, with how the retail world handles holidays, it’s getting to be time to talk about holiday and Christmas gifts already. So this holiday season, let’s get you prepped and ready to be a financially savvy gift giver. That way, you can give some amazing gifts to those who matter most to you – all while keeping your finances under control.


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In Order to Be a Financially Savvy Gift Giver, Follow These 4 Guidelines

As we get ready for the holidays and the gift-giving season, let’s start by making sure that you’re keeping your financial stability in mind. One of the easiest ways to do that is by sticking to your 15% fun money – or by saving it up over several months. Once we’ve made sure our financial foundation is set, let’s move on to these tips to make everything easier.



Make a Christmas Ideas List and Add Meaningful Gifts Via Voice

The first tip is one that I use and love – use your Amazon Echo (or Google Home if that’s more your style) to create a Christmas List. That way, when I’m when I am going around my house, or when I’m in the kitchen and I think of an amazing gift idea for someone, it’s easy. I just say, “Alexa, add this to my Christmas list for so-and-so.” Here is the main reason why I recommend using something voice-activated: it lets you capture that thought and that moment. Because the ideas we get for the meaningful gifts seem to be so fleeting – but this way, you’ve got them written down. Your Echo took care of it for you! And speaking of meaningful gifts, let’s talk about what kinds of gifts those are.


Give Moments and Memories, Not Forgettable Stuff

According to the American Research Group, on average American people spend almost $1000 on Christmas gifts. And most of that being returned to the stores because people don’t care about it. They don’t care because it isn’t meaningful to them. So I’m just asking you to pay attention to people. Listen to what they want. Some of my favorite things to give are travel. I love giving gifts of travel as a family! And while a major vacation is amazing, it could also be a budget conscious road trip. The other really meaningful thing I like to give are bucket list things. But those are harder to find, which means you’re going to really have to pay attention and get to know people better.

Oh, and one quick plug.

Shop local! Shopping local doesn’t just mean local to your community, but local to your network as well. Why not support other women and businesses? For example, if you have friends who run a brick and mortar store, or who run a network marketing business. Or perhaps your friends have their own boutique line, or who do services, who are doing anything like that. Tap into their goods, services, or whatever! That way you can contribute to their bottom line and provide gifts for your family. It can make a huge difference for both them and your family members. So, shop local and support your friends and neighbors and community.

Now, let’s show you how to save some serious money this holiday season.

Leave Items in the Shopping Cart for a Few Days – to Get Extra Discounts

When you are shopping online on a regular, non-giant sales day, one thing that I’ve learned over and over is this… don’t be afraid to close the web page and leave items in your cart. Actually, I recommend you do it! Put things in your shopping cart and leave them. In fact, leave them for a couple of days. The reason way is this: most retailers have cookies and different ways to track carts that don’t end in a sale – and they’ll send you promo codes or discounts or free shipping to make that sale. So leave your things in your shopping cart online for a couple of days and see what happens. And you will most likely get some sort of an extra discount.

Use These Websites to Save Yourself Money Without Skimping

Now, if you’d like to snag a few extra discounts via promo codes, you can do that. You could do a Google search and look for them through the search results. Or, you could do this one simple trick instead. There is a website called It’s a desktop add-on that will automatically scroll through a bunch of promo codes and discounts to make sure that you are applying every possible discount to your purchase. Pretty neat, right? Another idea is going to They give great discounts on a regularly-revolving variety of stores. You can save something like 15% on a gift card, which then you could use as a gift. Or, you could use that gift card yourself! Either way, it’ll save you money over buying it directly from the store. So there you have it. This holiday season, enjoy the season. Give great gifts. And be a financially savvy gift giver.


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