Have you ever wished you had more money in your pocket? We all have. We all want to make more money and then keep more of it in our pockets. That’s why I want to share with you the best ways to help you manage your money – so that you can earn more and keep more of it.


Now, I’ve got more than 50 financial tips – but let’s start with the most basic one. Because this one will save you noticeable time, money, and credit problems. And, if you want the rest of my tips, make sure you read to the end of this article. I’ll give them all to you – completely free of charge.


manage your money

 The Simple, 5-Minute Tip to Manage Your Money Like a Pro


The best and easiest way to manage your money like a pro only takes five, quick and easy minutes each day. And here’s the trick: you need to acknowledge your money.


What that means is taking five minutes each day to simply log into your financial accounts. Whether you use a bank, a credit union, or an online institution – log in. You can log in from your phone or your computer. Either way is great!


But make sure you’re logging in. Look at your balances. See what your pending and posted transactions are.


For most institutions, pending charges are in italics – and it hasn’t quite come out of your account yet. You want to keep an eye on that because that’s where you’ll see the most fraud. And that way, you can stop it.


All you have to do is call your bank or credit union right when you see those fraudulent pending charges. That way, the money won’t ever leave your account. Even better, you won’t have to go through the whole hassle of fighting with creditors and all of that.


And if you create the habit now of checking your accounts each morning, you’ll get even faster and better at catching potential issues or fraud. And because you’re on top of things, it’ll save you time, headaches, and all that money that would otherwise have been siphoned from your pockets.


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