Are you so overwhelmed with emotional or physical stuff that success is buried? Here’s how to organize and purge more - so you can earn more.


How cluttered is your desk? What about your office and your home? How much time do you spend finding things? If everything doesn’t have its place, then the answer is “too long.” That’s why I like to take time on a regular basis to organize things – and to purge things that need to go. Doing so does more than just clear off a desk – it can actually help you earn more, too.


Organize and purge your way to more space, peace, and energy

If you’ve got kids, you’re familiar with the idea of organizing – and purging. Every school year, I go through my son’s clothes with him. We donate the clothes he’s outgrown so that he’s got the room he needs for his new clothes.

Doing that gives us physical space, and that’s awesome. Because he needs that space for new clothes – clothes that actually fit! But here’s the great thing about organizing and purging – the benefits aren’t just limited to physical space.

Organizing and purging can also bring you a greater sense of peace – and more energy. My son now has a room that’s organized, labeled, and he knows what goes where. It frees up his time for other activities – and it keeps that corner of his life clean and organized so that it doesn’t negatively spill into anything else.


Purge more to earn more

Other benefits to purging and organization are this: when you take the time to identify what’s most important, you can more easily see what clutter there is. And, you can see which clutter needs to go! So clearing out the clutter give you more time, space, energy, and peace. But beyond that, it gives you the focus you need to succeed.

In fact, when I purge more, I find that I end up earning more. And that’s a fantastic side effect that’s 100% repeatable. Try it – because it works. It doesn’t take a lot of time, either. Just spend a few minutes (or an hour), here and there, organizing and purging as you can. Then, you’ll start seeing the benefits – and the profits – rolling on in.


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Purge more to earn more!

Posted by Lori Hildebrand on Friday, August 17, 2018