How to Use a Mind Map to Energize Your Day

How to Use a Mind Map to Energize Your Day

It’s very common for entrepreneurs to be pulled in multiple, conflicting directions. After all, most of you still have a day job (and obligations to your employer) in addition to building your own business. It’s a lot! So it’s easy to get overwhelmed, being pulled in so many directions. That’s why I love and use and recommend a mind map with all of my clients.

A Mind Map lets you get organized

There are so many details to keep track of – both at work, at home, and in your side hustle, that they get jumbled. So fight back! Use a mind map to plot out your mission. Then, add in all of the major details. Then you can pencil in all of the more minor details.

And just like that, you’re able to get a very visual, complete view of your mission. You’ll be able to see which details really matter – and which ones need to be put on the back burner for now.

Being organized does more than just help you keep focused, though. It also clears your mind, letting you purge that emotional space so you can be more focused.

Being focused gives you energy

As you continue to fill out and use your mind map, you’ll find that everything becomes laser-focused. It becomes clear what you need to do. And once you have a clear plan, you’ll find the motivation and energy you need to get going already.

I love how one of my clients put it:

”I just feel light. I feel energized. I feel like I can do it simply because you’re getting it out and you can visually see it.”

And you’ll finally know how to proceed

Here’s the absolute best part about a mind map: it lets you see exactly where you need to ask for help. Because you don’t have to do everything (nor can or should you!).  Because as you do a mind map, you can see what’s out there. You can see the steps you need to take. And you can see what’s in your control – and where to find help.

And that will make you feel lighter emotionally and physically. That, in turn, will energize you, help you be more productive, and map out your next steps.

One of the biggest kicks I get out of helping my clients is seeing them get this. It’s seeing them get their butts into gear – and becoming the productive, energetic, enthusiastic entrepreneurs I know they’re meant to be. So if you need some extra energy, try a mind map. It’ll transform the way you do each day, I promise!

Do you need some help shifting your mentality so that your business thrives? Let me be your second opinion. If you’re ready to go from entrepreneur to shining like a diamond with a fabulous six-figure salary, then let’s chat.

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The Secret to Distraction-Free Success and Business Finances

The Secret to Distraction-Free Success and Business Finances

Lately, one of the biggest questions on people’s minds seems to be this: “How can I keep on the right track (of treating my business like a business) and not get distracted?” At least, that’s the question on the surface. Most people, when they ask this question, are actually wondering this: “How do I structure and handle my business finances so that I can stay on target?”

So here’s the good news – if you’ve ever wondered about either of those two questions, here are the answers to keep you (and your business) on track and distraction-free.

Q: How do I treat my business as a business - and not get distracted? A: Most people who ask this actually wonder about their business finances - and here’s how you can rock both.

Set up a separate account for your business finances

The single most important step to distraction-free finances for your business is to get a separate account. That and to keep your personal and business finances separate.

Now, if you’re worried that you need to get your LLC or corporation set up first, let’s shine some truth on that common misconception. It’s simply not true. In fact, the longer you delay setting up a separate business account, the harder it gets – and the more complicated your finances and taxes get.

So do yourself a favor. Go in to your bank or credit union and open up a damned business checking account already! You can go in and open that up as a sole proprietor and use your social security number. As things grow, you can always revisit or change that by talking with your lawyer.

Next, strengthen your financial mindset

Now that you’ve got a business checking account, it’s time to change and strengthen your financial mindset. How do we do that? Simple: by ditching the unhealthy, unsustainable “paycheck-to-paycheck” (or “client to client”) mentality and graduating to a mentality where you acknowledge your value, and the money block is a thing of the past.

Okay, but how do we start making that shift? Start by switching your payments to go into your business checking account. Whether you use PayPal, Venmo, Square, cash, or check, send that money into your business finances. Totally separate your business finances from your personal finances.

That way, you’ll be able to start giving yourself a regular paycheck – and quit seeing a low balance as a “crap I need to find a new client yesterday!” moment of panic. Why the subtle shift? Because as you begin to see your business as your source of income, rather than your clients, you’re going to be more willing to invest back into that business – with time, money, and other resources that will have amazing dividends.

Finally, go out and rock your business

Now that your business is set up to succeed, it’s going to transition from hobby to a successful business. And that means that you’re ready to graduate to an accountability group – and a six figure business income.

Do you need some help shifting your mentality so that your business thrives? Let me be your second opinion. If you’re ready to go from entrepreneur to shining like a diamond with a fabulous six-figure salary, then let’s chat.


Start treating your business like a business

Want to make more money? How to start treating your business like a business!

Posted by Lori Hildebrand on Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Ways to Overcome Money Block and Earn a Better Income Now

Ways to Overcome Money Block and Earn a Better Income Now

Have you ever struggled with pricing your products or services? If so, you’re not alone. A lot of people struggle with it. It’s called the money block. But here’s the thing – you don’t have to struggle with it. Why? Because the money block is a mentality that can be shifted.

Overcome the Money Block – with these 3 Simple Tricks

But before we go into that, have you ever met with a group of people that truly inspire and motivate you? Those are the best groups, aren’t they? That’s part of why I love meeting with my private, VIP mastermind group every month – they are some of the best clients and people I’ve ever had the privilege of working with.

In that mastermind, we recently discussed this very issue. There, we discussed many ways to shift your mentality to overcome the money block. Because this issue is so prevalent and important, let’s go through 3 of those tricks together right now.

1. Adjust your mindset: money is simply a tool to facilitate the exchange of value

Money is just a tool. In and of itself, it’s neither good nor bad. It’s just a tool that use to function more smoothly as a society. It’s just a tool that was designed to make the exchange of goods, services, products, and value easier. Bartering has a place, but money really does make things much easier, doesn’t it?

But we have to remember that money is simply a tool. It’s a way to measure value – not give it.

So here’s what we have to do: we have to realize that our goods, services, and products have value. And that it’s okay to buy into the fact that their value can be reflected in a monetary amount. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s the easiest, simplest way for everyone – both you and your clients. And that leads us to our second trick: talking to our clients.

2. Better recognize the value you offer clients – by talking to your clients

Have you ever interviewed past clients? Questions like:

Why did they come to you?

Why did they choose your products or services? 

And how did that choice impact their life?

In other words, you want to know: Why did they use your solution? And why was that valuable to them?

If you’ve already done this, that’s fantastic – because it gives you a great sense of the value that you offer your community.

If not, here’s what you do. Go back to the people you’ve worked with in the past and say, “Hey, you’ve been one of my best clients. I really love working with you. I’m looking at growing my business and would love to have more people just like you. Can I ask you a few questions?”

And since you’re asking a trusted, respected, and established client, they’re going to be more than willing to talk to you. Why? Because they already love you!

Now, as you begin to talk with your clients, you’re going to begin to get answers that make you realize this simple truth:

”Holy cow. I’m actually doing something really great in the world. What I do has phenomenal value, and is impacting lives.”

And that’s the key to buying-in to your own services and products, which is our third trick.

3. Actively buy-in to your own services and products, so that you can better understand and serve your clients

When you begin to see the immense value you offer, it changes your mindset. It deepens your commitment to what you already do, and increases the value and impact that you have to offer.

Now, a quick caveat. If you aren’t already “practicing what you preach,” or doing what you teach and sell, change that immediately. Why? Because if you aren’t actively participating in the same things you’re promoting, you’re subconsciously cutting yourself off from your target audience.

By using your own services, though, you’re being proactive about buying-in to your value. You’ll be in the same mindset as your clients; you’ll be able to better connect with them; and you’ll be better able to guide them through your processes.

Doing this will greatly increase the inherent value in what you’re already offering people. And that means it’ll be easier for you to see – and own – that value.

Breaking the Money Block – at last!

Now that you see the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s time to go back to the initial point: that it’s okay to see, own, and proudly admit the value you bring to the lives of others.

Choosing not to see it is definitely an option. It’s the path that many people take, as they keep running their business as an expensive side hobby. But that’s not the route you want, is it?

Instead, you want to run your business like a business. You want to see a profit, because you want to live a comfortable life. And so you’re choosing to make the mindset shift to get past the money block. Because this is the path to a successful business and life. You’ll be able to reap the benefits, both monetary and otherwise, for the value you’re already giving people.

Because do you know what? It’s okay to ask for and get evidence that you are doing good things in the world. And it’s okay to receive money for it. Your clients see your value – so let’s help you see it, too.

Do you need some help shifting your mentality so that your business thrives? Let me be your second opinion. If you’re ready to go from entrepreneur to six-figure salary, then let’s chat.



Let's talk Money Blocks!

Let's talk about your Money Blocks!

Posted by Lori Hildebrand on Wednesday, March 28, 2018

How a Second Opinion Changes Your Perspective and Business

How a Second Opinion Changes Your Perspective and Business

Picture this all-too familiar scene: you’re driving in your car and you notice a blinking light on your dash. One of those wonderful check-something lights comes on. And, since those lights always manage to come on at the most inconvenient times, you’re also developing a knot in your stomach. And on top of that, sometimes dealing with car issues can be stressful. Especially when you know you ought to get a second opinion (or three or four), but you’re worried about time, finances, and current obligations.

Even so, let’s adjust that mindset so that you are able to handle these everyday situations with ease – whether at home or at work.

Take Control of the Situation and Get a Second Opinion

The above scenario is one that happens to each of us regularly. Recently, when I had a “check tire” light come on, I dutifully drove it in to a local tire shop to get things checked out. I expected this to be a pretty quick visit to re-inflate the tires, double check the tread, and be sent on my way. However, the technicians advised me that one tire heavily damaged and that should I hit a curb it was likely to explode. They advised immediate replacement of all four tires.

Only a few years ago, this scenario would have left me in tears, scrambling to adjust funds, and trying to figure out which credit card I should use. Thankfully, this wasn’t a few years ago. Instead, I took my boyfriend’s advice and got a second opinion from his tire shop. The first shop was fine; but this second shop was a far better experience, value, and overall warranty. Guess which shop I picked? That’s right – I bought tires from the second.

The difference I’ve learned, over the years, is that pausing to get a second opinion isn’t a hassle or a “problem”. It’s part of the problem-solving process. Because when you go get that second opinion, it allows you to take control of your situation.

Compare your Options to Choose the Best One for You

Once you’ve obtained that second opinion, now you’ve got choices.

Well, to be fair, you have several choices before you got that second opinion – even if you didn’t realize it! With my tires, for example, at the first shop I could choose to buy from that shop, or I could go elsewhere. Thankfully, my car was still drivable. If it hadn’t been, towing it elsewhere or making calls to other shops would have been viable options.

But after I visited the second shop, I had two quotes to work with. From there, I could evaluate the quality of the tires being purchased, the warranties on them, and the final price.

Realizing that those choices exist, though, is a huge step towards adjusting your mentality – both in life and in business.

Your Mentality is Everything in Business and in Life

Now, how was this paradigm or mentality shift possible?

The first step is realizing that it can happen!

The second part of it is being prepared. Remember how I mentioned that years ago this exact scenario would have given me a panic attack? That’s because I lacked the experience and wisdom to be prepared for those things. Thankfully, though, I learned to be prepared for exactly these kinds of scenarios.

What I do now is this: I have money set aside for surprise purchases like these. And, because I’ve already got money set aside, I’m able to handle things more confidently.

In fact, here’s a little secret: because I’ve got the money set aside already, I actually use my credit card to pay for these kinds of purchases. Then, I make sure I pay them off immediately so that I’m not paying any interest or other fees. Finally, I collect airline miles off of those credit cards – airline miles that I can then use to travel. Have I mentioned how much I love traveling?

Okay, so that little secret is a great way to accumulate extra perks (like airline miles!) – but only if you’ve already got the funds to pay off your purchases. Otherwise, the interest and fees are not worth it.

Finally, once you realize that your mentality is shifting, watch how much more you’re getting out of life. Both in your personal life and in business, you’ll see more control, more options, and more success.

Do you need some help shifting your mentality so that your business thrives? Let me be your second opinion. If you’re ready to go from entrepreneur to six-figure salary, then let’s chat.


Emergency expenses and a little change of plans today!

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How Business Accountability Groups Change a Hobby to Six-Figures

How Business Accountability Groups Change a Hobby to Six-Figures

While the New Year is the traditional time of year to set resolutions, it’s not always the best time to set business goals. Why? Well, because those resolutions don’t typically last very long. So let’s turn that on its head and learn how to make a lasting change to your business. Let’s transform that hobby into a six-figure, money-making business that gives you the freedom and flexibility you want, all while filling the market need that created your business in the first place. And how we do this is through business accountability groups and one-on- one coaching.

Business Accountability Groups: Making SMART Goals Work for You

A goal isn’t a goal unless it’s SMART – it’s Specific/Simple, it’s Measurable/Meaningful, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely. So many times, though, business owners don’t make their goals specific enough. For example, they may say, “I want to help other female entrepreneurs to get out of the expensive hobby mode and break the six figure barrier.” Now, that’s an admirable goal, isn’t it? Of course it is! But, it isn’t specific enough. So let’s tweak it ever so slightly, shall we? “In 2018, I want to help 30 other female entrepreneurs to get out of the expensive hobby mode and break the six figure barrier.” Better, right? That’s a SMART goal. And I have a confession… it’s my goal for this year. Well, mostly. I want to help 30 female entrepreneurs to achieve their personal business goals. It doesn’t have to be a six figure goal. Six figures is just a nice placeholder while I work with clients to set their personal (and SMART) business goals – and then help them learn how to make those goals work for them.

Surround Yourself With Like-Minded Achievers Who Help You

When you’re on a journey, it’s important that you surround yourself with people who want to reach the same destination. Otherwise, things don’t go smoothly. Dealing with your business is no different! That’s why you need a support team who’s on board with your goals and is willing to help you achieve them. And when you’ve got a business accountability group or an experienced business coach, they’re on board with your vision, your income producing activities, and your plan. They’re there to help you succeed. And with a great team, you’re bound to succeed.

Transform Your Hobby (and your mentality) and Have A Successful Business

So this (and any) year as you look at any resolutions or goals you’ve made, make sure that you’re not only making SMART Goals and getting a great team. Make sure that you’re also transforming your mentality. And you do that by making sure that your attitude and your business plan is in the right place. Because once you’ve got a solid business plan (even if it is simple), your mentality is going to shift. You’re going to be able to set those SMART goals with ease. You’re going to see the importance of having an accountability group. You’re going to want a coach in your corner. And you’re going to want to lessen the noise from those less-than- supportive types in your life. And as you do these things, you’ll soon find that your business has grown leaps and bounds, as has your income, your happiness, and your freedom.

Want to be one of the 30 entrepreneurs that breaks barriers this year? Then lets work together now.


10 days into the year – what's different?

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3 Steps to an Effective, Simple Business Plan (and a Six-Figure Business)

3 Steps to an Effective, Simple Business Plan (and a Six-Figure Business)

Without a solid, simple business plan, life truly is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re going to get. You won’t know what’s coming, how to get there, or how to make the changes you need to achieve your goals. But here’s the good news: a simple business plan is easy to write so that you can achieve that six-figure business goal. So let’s get your business on track for a six-figure year, okay?

How to Write a Six-Figure, Simple Business Plan

Before we jump into each step, let’s take a quick step back. Because business plans are highly personalized, it’s important to know that this 3 step process is a solid foundation, but it’s not the whole house. That’s why so many successful entrepreneurs turn to a mastermind group or a coach. It’s easier to build a whole house with a support group! With a knowledgeable coach and mastermind group to support you, you’ll be able to tease out the details that escape the other entrepreneurs who rush in without backup. And it’s these details that help you create the freedom you’ve been looking for: to make more money; to make a bigger difference in the lives of your clients; to have more time; and to run a business that you love from the bottom up. In other words, go through this process. And then rely on your coach, your mastermind group, and your support system. Because it’s going to take work, insight, and inspiration to get it right.

Step 1: Determine Your Vision

Imagine your life 3 years from now. Now, write down what that looks like, because we’re going to take this vision and work backwards from it… so that we can transform this vision of yours into a reality. Write down how old you’ll be. Write down what your family looks like: how old each member is, how many kids or grandkids or nieces and nephews you’ll have. What do your relationships look like? What kind of traveling do you do? Where do you live? What does your income look like? How do you feel about this 3-year- in-the- future version of yourself?

Step 2: Make Your Decision

Now that we’ve got your vision, step 2 is simple. You simply have to decide that there is no Plan B. You are willing to work to achieve your dreams and goals. And you’re willing to give your vision an outside power in order to give it life. In other words, you’re going to quit treating your business like a hobby. You’re going to quit giving time and power to those who don’t value your contributions. And you’re going to assign a dollar amount to your annual income. From there, we can break it down into how much you need to earn each quarter, each month, each week, and each day in order to achieve that goal. From there, we need to decide that it’s okay to say “NO.” It’s okay to not serve everybody who comes in and asks for help, because that’s not how business works.

“Why not try to serve everyone? Well, it’s like trying to cook spaghetti without setting a timer. You’ll be throwing spaghetti at the wall trying to guess if it’s done – and you’ll guess right some of the time, but you’ll always end up with a filthy, frustrated wall.”

Your business is designed to fulfill a need in the market – and not everyone has that particular need. And that’s okay. So instead, let’s focus on serving the people you can help – and fulfill that business niche only you can fill. This way, you can focus on offering a specific set of skills, services, and products. Now, it’s time to take action.

Step 3: Plan Your Action

It’s time to determine your “Income Producing Activities” (or IPA’s). We all have 24 hours in a day, and we all have multiple demands on our time. However, attending yet another meeting or sitting at your desk doesn’t usually generate revenue for your business (or you!). So instead, let’s grab an accountability partner or a coach and plan how to spend our mornings. When you know what your IPA’s are, you can plan your calendar so that you can accomplish amazing amounts of work in unbelievably short amounts of time. For example, I know many single mothers (with kids in school) who only have a few hours to work from home. Plus, they’re also juggling kids’ activities, housework, and the billion other things on their to-do lists. But these amazing entrepreneurs know their IPA’s. And so they can reach their goals and earn a great income – and still be there for their children by the time the bus brings them back in the early afternoon.

Know your IPA’s. Use those IPA’s. And you’ll be able to transform your business into a six-figure company, too.

Do you need some help turning your simple business plan into a working business model? Let’s take a look together,
find the holes, and see where we can do better together. If you’re ready to go from expensive hobby to six-figure salary,
then you can reach me here to chat.


A Business Plan That Actually Works… Shocking I know!

A Business Plan That Works! .. Shocking I know

Posted by Lori Hildebrand on Wednesday, January 3, 2018