Business Transitioning: Take back your Monday

Business Transitioning: Take back your Monday

I want to share a quick tip about business transitioning. I’ve got a lot of clients who are actively transitioning from the corporate world into their full-time business now that they’ve ramped it up, and they are on the verge of getting ready to take that leap, just like I did to leave my six-figure corporate job and creating a business that I love.

One thing that I do is taking back my Monday mornings. I’m often asked, “How do you manage your schedule? How do you fit everything in?” And it does take a lot of planning. It does take a lot of really conscious effort to do that, but like I said, one thing that I love to do is really take back my Monday mornings. I always hated Monday mornings when I was in the corporate world, and I didn’t like how that felt. So I love to use my Mondays as my time. This is where I get my errands done, Monday morning is for me … I’ve already planned my week out, I usually do that Sunday night or maybe really early Monday morning, but I use my Mondays for me, and I get my laundry, I get my grocery shopping, I get errands done, I might meet a friend for coffee. It’s my time. I don’t put a lot of pressure on myself, but that way I get things off my mind for the week, my personal errands, my things were done. So Mondays are very low-pressure for me.

Monday afternoon I usually am ready to get into some productivity, but Monday morning I just kind of get those things out of the way, and I love my Mondays now. So it sets me up for a great week, it relieves the guilt that I’m not being pulled in a million directions all week long. It actually took a lot of self-reflection and a lot of effort for me to do that and not feel guilty thinking, “Oh my gosh, it’s Monday, I have to be working.” But that doesn’t work for me anymore. I want you to just understand that it’s okay to create a schedule that works for you, whether your past life, your corporate job says that it works or not, it’s what works for you. That’s the purpose of being a business for yourself is to make that work.

So if Mondays are painful for you, maybe give this a try. It has worked for me for quite a while, and it really does make a difference so that I am ready to be really productive the rest of the week because I’ve gotten all my personal stuff out of the way. Hope that helps, give it a shot if it does.


Take back your Monday! A little pre-Nordstrom love note about creating a schedule that works for you…

Posted by Lori Hildebrand on Monday, June 12, 2017

Always late for the party? Here’s how to change that habit.

Always late for the party? Here’s how to change that habit.

Lateness drives me batty. I live in a state that is notorious for lateness, it’s practically the standard here that if you say you are to be somewhere at 6:00pm, everyone translates that to “6:00-ish and heavy on the ‘ish’ “.  However, if you are working with clients, going to work, showing up for meetings, or even arriving for parent/teacher conference (and they have back to back 15 minute windows scheduled with each parent, for the love be on time!!) Holy hell, this drives me nuts.   But, I realize there are always reasons why someone is late (slept too long, couldn’t find keys, traffic, kids are like hurding cats, yadda yadda.  I also realize that THERE IS ALWAYS A REASON, and I am not immune to these lateness obstacles, I just plan for them.

So, how can you start changing your lateness habit once and for all? Work backwards…..

Arrive at 6:00pm

5:40pm –  It takes 20 minutes to drive to your location (without any traffic or problems)

5:10pm – I need 30 minutes to get myself ready (45 if washing hair)

4:55pm –  I need 15 minutes to keep kids focused and be sure they are ready to get out the door

4:40pm – Add 10-15 minutes for the always unexpected traffic (Really? You were surprised there was slow traffic? Really?)

4:35pm – Add 5 minutes for that kids that always, ALWAYS, needs to poop right as we are walking out the door

4:30pm – Add 5 minutes to gather what you need – keys, notebooks, forms, shoes, sunglasses, whatever you usually scramble to find

So, the time that you stop what your doing, and start getting ready to be at your 6:00pm location? 4:30pm.  Surprised? This is why you’re late. Habits take focus to change, to replace with a new habit of working backwards.

Being on time shows respect and creates so much less stress! I’m a fan of doing anything to reduce stress.

Working a backwards timeline becomes second nature when you are conscious about doing it initally.  I talk through this process out loud around my kids all the time, so they know we don’t live in a world where teleporting is a real thing yet (although when it is, I’m sure lateness will still happen!) and we need to give ourselves time to be on time.

This ninja move can work for everyday events, but you can also use it to create a long term action plan. This long term version is discussed in another post, so for now, practice this now and get in the habit of being on time! You’ll thank me later.



#1 Money Habit to Start Today

#1 Money Habit to Start Today

Money. You love it. You hate it. You need it. You spend it. You save it. It grows, it shrinks, it flows, it spreads. Money can give you the choice to live how you choose, and it can take that choice away.  Why do we put up with all of this craziness from money?  We all have our reasons, but whatever yours is, it’s time to be done. The madness stops here. Take your control back!  Money doesn’t own you, so stop acting like it does.

This may be harsh, but you know the excuses for struggling aren’t serving you. Let’s take control and make a change rather than continuing to feel like a victim.  Whatever your circumstances are, I challenge you to take responsibility in your part, in your decisions, that brought you to this moment in time. Take ownership of your choices (good or bad), find the lesson, learn and do better from today forward.

How can you do that? I know habits are hard to break, I know nothing will change much over night.  But, the beauty of compounding doesn’t only apply to your interest payments, it also applies to your daily habits. By making small changes every day, your world will begin to change before you know it.

Habit #1 to start today?


This is the simplest (not the easiest) and by far the most helpful habit you can form to improve your financial life.

Actually look at your bank account every day. Every day.  Be proactive with your bills. Call to question or ask for a reduction on your medical bills.  Know what you are paying in interest on loans and ask about refinancing options.

Your bank or credit union will have online account access, and most will have an app for your phone, use it!  If you have accounts across several banks, try a 3rd party tracking site, like  Easy and secure to set up, then 5 minutes a day to know what your money is doing.

By simply being aware & paying attention to your money, you are showing respect and taking control of it.  Do this habit every day, watch your stress level decrease and your net worth increase. Simple!

Respect your future self and get to know your money!