Quit your day job.

Business Strategy, Community Supports, and Accountability to Transform Your Side Hustle into a Lifelong Career

Lori Hildebrand

Business Growth & Networking Specialist

Hi, I’m Lori!

I’m not a coach, I’m not a financial advisor, and I’m not a wealth manager.

I am a business and connections strategist, and I am the person who is going to help you take your inconsistent income and create a dream career that offers fulfillment and reliable money-flow.

If you’re ready to STOP being the busiest broke person you know and start creating the success and impact you set out to make, you’re in the right place.

It starts with just two essentials:

  • Clear, actionable strategy
  • And community support.

“[Lori] is a powerhouse and definitely knows her stuff!”

Christine Lavulo

Certified Jack Canfield Success Principles Trainer

“I have clarity around issues I haven’t been able to figure out on my own for MONTHS! I have grand ideas, and I have action steps to achieve them.”

Amber Griffiths

Your Brand By Design

If you dream of…

  • Earning a comfortable income
  • Running a success ful business
  • Living an abundant, authentic life

But you’re getting stuck behind…

  • Balancing your side-hustle with your corporate job
  • Taking your start-up business to the next level
  • Trying to do EVERYTHING by yourself

And you’re ready to STOP feeling stuck, tired, and frustrated, so you can make room for abundance and success…

You are exactly where you need to be.

Let’s find the next step, create a plan, and help you move forward, with a
community to catch you when you fall.

If you think you can run your own business AND earn the income you’ve dreamed about, while still having plenty of free time to enjoy your life…

You’re right.

Once upon a time, I had a corporate career as a stock and bond trader, and then as a wealth management advisor and corporate sales trainer. I got to work early, and I stayed at work late into the night.

Now, instead of facing another day on someone else’s clock, I have the time and resources to live the life I’d always envisioned.

I help women just like you leverage their entrepreneurial spirit to craft an ideal life.

A life with consistent income…

High-level impact…

And personal fulfillment.

You don’t have to work 60 or 80 hours per week to accomplish these goals.

You can be a healthy, happy and fulfilled business owner, answering to nobody but yourself. All you have to do is formulate a plan and set it in motion.

Together, we will connect to community, dive deep into your business, and create a plan to take you from that always-busy, never-enough mentality to a place of abundance, fulfillment, and security.

You deserve to live a meaningful life with freedom and impact. You deserve to
make your expensive hobby a profitable business.

It’s time to create that reality.

So go ahead, build your side-hustle.

I’m here to help.