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Here are many ways to work with Lori to achieve your goal of turning that side hustle into a full time gig, leave the 9-5 job forever and live a lucrative freedom based life!

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Group Coaching

It’s hard to describe what a yearlong Mastermind program can do for you if you have never experienced it – it really defies a worldly or logical description.

However, it is safe to say that these powerful get-togethers are designed to help you refocus, recommit and re-energize your entrepreneurial efforts each month.

Over the course of a full year, your results will be remarkable. Thrive through precious and profitable alliances formed with powerful entrepreneurs just like you.

  • Redefine your expectation of success – permanently and at a much higher level.
  • Learn cutting edge business smarts that will save you significant time and money, plus help you avoid expensive mistakes.
  • Build powerful business connections and partnerships, plus some deep and nurturing friendships.
  • Move your business steadily forward. It is astonishing and powerful what can be achieved in one year of sustained forward motion!
  • Leap over obstacles thanks to your new skills and your successful mindset. Many amazing ideas and innovations are born through fellow entrepreneurs helping their peers when their businesses are stuck.
  • Take your business to the next level with a constant, positive support system.
  • Private team room access, to help keep your program materials and recordings organized and available to you throughout the program
  • Monthly top business tips to encourage and support your training and business-building process

We understand that budding entrepreneurs constantly face new challenges and opportunities, so we provide power hour experts and forums for additional support.

Enjoy a live two-day retreat, where you’ll collaborate with powerful Mastermind entrepreneurs ad experts from across the world – all in one vibrant, dynamic location.

Investing seriously in your business and your own personal success is a simple act that creates a disproportionately powerful mindset shift! You become a serious entrepreneur whose impact is significant and who leaves a legacy!

Live.  Local.  Lucrative.

Each month you will learn in-depth new Business Building skills. Each module is especially designed to empower and educate you with essential entrepreneurial know-how.

You will report back on your accomplishments, breakthroughs, and upcoming focus items. This part of the programming is intentionally designed to keep you inspired and taking constant action. (3 Hours, Live, Local)

Private Coaching

In addition to the year-long Mastermind program, many of my clients desire personalized attention to help them attain their goals. These special, private days are powerful, focused, fun and designed to get you results FAST!

You’ll enjoy 10 monthly Expert Open House webinars with a national expert in a highly relevant business-building topic. Meet, interact with and ask questions of our top experts. This is an excellent way to acquire top notch entrepreneurial skills.

gold-iconGold Level

Benefit from all the opportunities included in the group coaching program –

PLUS the opportunity to spend a full day with Lori as part of a small group of VIP entrepreneurs.

diamond-iconDiamond Level

All group Mastermind benefits, Gold level semi-private VIP day –PLUS six private coaching sessions with Lori to fast-track your business progress.

This is optimal for those who insist on maximum results. There’s no better outlet than someone who has already been through your challenges, and can show you exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Elite Coaching

  1. Fast track your success, 90 days at a time
  2. No groups – Just you, Lori and your goals to create a thriving business and a life you love!
  3. Create business growth and income plans
  4. Set in motion your exit strategy to help turn your side hustle into your full time gig
  5. Money management tools and training

All elements of elite coaching are personalized to your unique situation. I’ll help you gain control, put a plan of action in place and turn your side hustle into your full time gig!

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